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Through many years of experience the importance of following a systematic Quality Assurance program during different stages of design and manufacturing has been continuously reinforced in our manufacturing practices. At TAL, transformers can be tailor-made to meet individual customers’ specifications but at the same time standardized structural members and components are used.
TAL designs and manufactures transformers to national and international standards and consultant's specifications. In each case raw materials are subjected to strict, rigorous inspection and components are checked at every stage of manufacture. Every transformer is subjected to rigorous in-house tests, as laid down by Indian and International Standards.

Technical Associates's Quality Assurance system for transformers is a complete system covering all administrative routines and instructions in addition to the usual Quality Control of materials and testing of technical performance. Systematic and standardized working methods result in thorough Quality Assurance in the design and manufacturing stages.

This Quality Assurance System is a guarantee of reliable transformers from Technical Associates.

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