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  Turnkey Execution of Distribution/Transmission Projects

About the TAL Projects Division:

The Technical Associates Projects division was started in 2006 to further enhance and capitalise on our strong background and knowledge of the Power Distribution and transmission sector. Backed by 4 decades of credibility and expertise, the TAL Projects division undertakes complete execution of turnkey electrification projects fromconceptualisation, design, engineering, procurement, erection and commissioning.
Tasks taken up by the TAL Projects division include Rural Electrification works,Distribution and transmission lines from LT (440 V) upto 220 kV, and ElectricalSubstation from 11 kV upto 220kV.

Scope of works
The Scope of Works undertaken by the TAL Projects division includes:

  1. Complete design, engineering and planning
  2. Procurement, project management
  3. Erection/ Construction/ Commissioning/ Testing
  4. Handling over to Customer/ Training

Works undertaken by us include

  1. Planning, erection and commissioning of HVDS networks
  2. Rural Electrification planning and commissioning
  3. Setting up of LT lines for Urban/ Rural networks
  4. Setting up of 11 kV Distribution Substations and lines
  5. Setting up of 33/66/132/220 kV switchyards and lines
  6. Energy Auditing
  7. Planning, Erection and Commissioning of Intelligent Rural Load Management Systems


The Project Division is a natural extension of TAL’s strong capabilities and experience of the Power, Transmission and Distribution Sectors. As an experienced manufacturer of Power and Distribution Transformers, Power Cables and Conductors and Transmission Towers, TAL already possesses a strong experience set to help deliver quality solutions. In addition, by having control of the major components used in electrical networks such as transformers, cond uctors, etc. we are further able to provide enhanced quality and levels of customer satisfaction. Our Third pillar of strength is our people. Led by professionals with impeccable credentials and having several hundred man years of experience in setting up and managing efficient electrical networks, our team understands the challenges faced by utilities in running complex transmission and distribution system and is perfectly poised to help deliver well engineered solutions, in time to the end customer.

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