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  Repair of Power Transformers

Along with design and manufacture of new transformers, TAL has also developed extensive capabilities in repair and re engineering of damaged transformers of all makes.
TAL’s Refurbishment group been repairing Power transformers since 1980 and has repaired transformers from 3 MVA, 33/11 kV to 20 MVA 132/33 kV. Processes streamlined through years of experience allow us to repair transformers upto 220 kV class in the shortest possible intervals, thereby minimizing customer downtime.

Our vast experience and repair processes allow us to reverse engineer and improve/ modify designs of existing transformers in extremely short intervals. Our repair process is geared towards ensuring longevity of the refurbished transformer at the most cost effective price and every care is taken to reuse components that are fine and replace defective components with high quality replacements.

In addition, our fast delivery schedules (Turn Around Time of between 8 to 10 weeks) alongwith our presence in North India (at the heart of the Northern belt and close to almost all the large northern power utilities and companies) make us an ideal partner for repair jobs. Our fleet of transport vehicles (alongwith tie ups with large logistics companies) is further geared towards collecting a damaged transformer from the site and dropping it off at the place of installation – reducing delays and optimizing uptime for the end customer.

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